Photo credit: Denise Macias

Pixel. 100% pure rascal. Brooklyn, NY-raised, Georgia-born. He was famous on Smith Street for his smile. He chose ME at the North Shore Animal League, the largest animal shelter in North America, on Long Island. They had mistakenly identified him as a girl, so for the first little bit of his life, he was known as “Pixie”. He once ate a fancy cloth restaurant napkin that he found on the sidewalk, which had to be surgically removed. He got to be a dual American-Canadian citizen for a little while. R.I.P. (2000-2013)

Stella. My Tennessee Walker (Treeing) Coonhound. A Puppy Kindergarten graduate. A good girl who always aims to please. The best nose on the West Coast. Loves the chase (bunnies, squirrels, other dogs). Born in the SPCA, Nanaimo, B.C., June 18, 2015.