Sweet Air

Program Design: Rick Negron

Sweet Air (2000-2001 solo performance piece, with live music and video)

Cynthia wrote, performed in, and co-produced (with HERE and Lincoln Center Theater) Sweet Air for The American Living Room Festival at HERE, New York, New York.

Bob Satuloff, Dramaturg. The American Living Room production.

Sweet Air made its premiere at “Eccentric Muse Performances of the Spoken Word”, Café Loon-Loon (January 2000). Cynthia later performed excerpts at this same venue as the featured writer/performer (April 2000).

The piece was then performed in excerpt at HERE as part of “Fielday”, a two-day festival of new works, produced by The Field.

A coming-of-age story, filtered through the myth of Venus, jumping in time and place from Chicago in the 1970s to Cynthia’s grandmother’s bittersweet World War II experiences in fascist Italy, hiding her Jewish husband.

A multi-media production, with live music from Anne Link (of The Vandas and Animallink) and video edited by Daniel Flesh.